Hello everyone, Welcome to FutyWorld. This is where You get to know how awesome I am (Just kidding)

How I ended up here?

As, kid I hated school. I remember, I used to make paper balls & would keep switching between my feet while the professor is teaching. And yes I got caught a lot of time. But did I ever stop? Heck no!


I can’t believe on my luck. I had an accident where I had to give up on my dream. I had to leave the only thing that made me happy. I haven’t even touched a ball in past seven years. Nothing was making me happy anymore. So, one day I was sitting on a toilet ( we all know that’s where the best ideas pop up ) & I realized I can’t keep going like this. If I keep going like this, it will destroy me. I might’ve gave up on my dream to be professional footballer, but I can’t give up on football. I need it in my life or else my brain cells won’t work.

So here I am, sitting behind a computer screen… or in front? & rambling about my boring life.

What is my goal?

To put the ball back in the net. Lol, just kidding. Well, like I mentioned before, I can’t play. But that doesn’t mean you can’t. I want to share my love for football with you guys.

What can you expect from me?

If you’re on my website, I reckon it’s because you want to buy something related to football. In here, you will find great football equipment & wears. I’m hoping to bring the best out there to my website.